Our lodge has 4 interior rooms and are $275 per night and our 2 detached suites are $300 per night, both are based on double occupancy and includes breakfast for 2 people. Additional room guests are $25 per person.

Evening meals are available for $55 per person. Our lodge is a 45 minute drive from the Whitehorse airport. Rental cars are available at the airport.

Please contact us at for current availability

Aurora viewing season is between September and April. You are welcome to enjoy the night sky from your balcony, the aurora viewing platform, the spa or by the warming glow of a bonfire.

The lights generally come out after 10 PM. They tend to start glowing in the northern horizon and they can appear across the sky in all directions. Even with cloud cover, it is possible to see the green glow. The lights can be green, red, purple and pink depending on activity.

The northern lights are best seen from our property between the months of September to April. On site we have an aurora viewing platform that gives a great vantage point for scanning the northern sky.

All aurora watching is self guided at your own pace. Enjoy the quiet while you watch the wonders dance in the sky above you!