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Things to do in Whitehorse When you’re Rad

An Awesome Guide to the Adventurous Side of the Yukon’s Greatest City

Things to do in Whitehorse When you’re Rad

Summer Activities in Whitehorse

Mountain Biking
Boréale Explorers

There was a time when spinning fat tires in the Yukon was exclusively for 4X4 motorheads. And then Boréale showed up. Now Canada’s raddest territory is a world-class destination for singletrack. Over 700 kilometres of true riding trails exist here, and the culture of shredding is strong in Whitehorse. Boréale’s staff of riders brings a massive amount of local knowledge. They can also keep up to the strongest riders while taking care of the more leisurely of your group. And once you’ve tackled Whitehorse, they can show you rest of the Yukon’s riding scene. It doesn’t stop at the city’s limits…

Whitewater River Rafting
Tatshenshini Expediting

Just try and say it. The Tatshenshini River may be a mouthful to pronounce, but it’s easy to take in. This stunningly beautiful river runs through the Yukon and Alaska’s most rugged terrain, including the largest non-polar ice field in the world. The first day is a canyon run evocative of the kinds of trips gold miners took back in the day: adventurous and scenic. See 15,000 foot-high-peaks and glacier-filled valleys roll by during long days on the water punctuated with side hikes, chill camping spots and wildlife viewing. This ain’t your grandpappy’s river float, unless you grandad is ultra rad.

Getting High on Glaciers
Alpine Aviation
No, not that kind of high. We are talking about an aerial tour of glacier fields by bush plane. Looking down on ice fields from the air allows for a new perspective of these ancient natural monuments. Since when did feeling so small and inconsequential make one feel so magnificently alive?

Wildlife and Hot Water
Who What Where Tours
Moose, bison, muskox, sheep, fox and goats, followed by a hot soak in geothermal pools…the Yukon Wildlife Preserve tour just outside Whitehorse is an experience unlike most. Whether self-guided or assisted by knowledgeable wildlife nerds, witness some big ol’ animals wandering freely—from a respectful distance, of course—on a 750-acre expanse of proper Yukon landscape. When done, slide your tired body into the soothing, hot, odorless mineral waters of Takhini Hot Springs. Not sure why, but you probably deserve it.

Junior-Sized Yukon River Canoe Trip
Up North Adventures
Not everyone can commit to a 19-day canoe trip down the Yukon River, but most people can handle a half-day on one of the world’s greatest rivers. Beginners can go with a four-hour paddle from Whitehorse to the confluence of the Takhini River, while those who know their way around a proper J stroke can take on the famous stretch from the end of Marsh Lake, through Miles Canyon and Schwatka Lake to Whitehorse. Ask the staff at Up North Adventures what you’re up to, and they’ll get you out on the iconic waters where gold rush made—and lost—fortunes.

Winter Activities in Whitehorse

Ride-along with Rad Dogs
Alayuk Adventures
Perhaps the most classic of all Yukon adventures, riding behind a team of happily-running dogs allows you to watch both the wilderness and the majesty of these animals in their outdoor element. You can sit all bundled up in the sled while a musher guide takes the reins, or—if you have good balance and an adventurous spirit—drive your own four-dog team.

The Culture of Carcross
Boréale Explorers
The Yukon is so much more than Whitehorse. Not far from the capital lies Carcross, a stunningly beautiful little town sitting at the confluence of all things awe-inspiring: towering mountain, glacial lakes, rivers and true Yukon culture. Of particular highlight is the Carcross Learning Centre, which “showcases the art, culture and history of the community and the Carcross/Tagish First Nation people.” Add in a haunted hotel in town and a short snowshoe tour, and Carcross makes for a half-day of awesomeness in the middle of winter.

Rev It Up
Up North Adventures
Know this: snowmobiling is crazy fun. Imagine rocketing through the Yukon wilderness on a snow pony geared towards making life easier and more exciting. Up North Adventures will outfit you with warm clothing and a whole lotta power between your legs. While it’s not a race, these machines help you go farther—and further—in seeing the true Yukon wilderness. Vroom, vroom.

Ice Fishing
Taste of Yukon Adventures
Drill the hole and wait—ice fishing is an experience unlike any, fishing or otherwise. Imagine the beauty and solitude of a frozen Yukon lake. The team at Taste of Yukon will keep you toasty and warm while you wait for the fish to bite through a hole drilled in the thick ice. Get in touch with your inner settler, living off the land and waters of the Yukon Territory. If you’re lucky—and we often are—you’ll soon be frying your fresh fish over an open fire.

Silence of the North
Taste of Yukon Adventures
When’s the last time you were somewhere truly quiet? We mean absolutely silent, where you could not only hear yourself think, but you could tap into a peaceful solace that reinvigorated your soul. Life gets hectic, but Taste of Adventure has crafted a sweet little program aimed at getting you back to the stillness within. No, you can’t have the WIFI password.

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