Bikes and green lights!

All inclusive 5 day/4 night mountain bike and aurora trip
August 22-26, 2019


The trails will be in perfect condition, the autumn colours have started to change in the mountains and the aurora has begun its dance in the night sky.

This trip combines the best the Yukon has to offer. Come and experience the amazing beauty of the dancing northern lights by night and ride our perfect singletrack during the day!

What is the aurora?

Swirls of green, white, pinks and purples, dancing in the sky. While it feels like a magical experience, there’s science behind it to explain this phenomenon.

Electrically charged particles that enter the atmosphere and collide with atoms and molecules to create glowing rings of light around the Earth’s poles.

Simply put – one of the Earth’s most amazing sights to see!

After dinner every night we will have a toasty bonfire outside and watch the sky for the incredible northern lights. It’s a show you need to experience at least once in your life!

Interested in a custom autumn aurora trip?

Custom trips require a minimum of 2 people. This mountain bike aurora trip could run between August 22 – September 3, 2019.


Day 1
A Boréale guide will meet you at the airport & give a tour of Whitehorse. Out to the lodge for happy hour!

Day 2
Time to be introduced to Yukon dirt! Today we ride the Grey Mountain network.

Day 3
MacDonald Creek is a classic Yukon ride. We will start in the sub-alpine and finish on the shores of Bennett Lake.

Day 4
Experience the fun and passion of the Singletrack to Success program as we ride through the flowy purpose-built trails on Montana Mountain.

Day 5
Time to fly home!

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