MTB Lessons

Offered in both Carcross (when we are allowed to visit) and Whitehorse. Take your personal riding to the next level with one of our targeted skills clinics.

Small group lessons

2 riders – $175
3 riders – $200
4 riders – $225

This price is for the group. Your group will be with a certified instructor, tackling specific problem areas that you would like to improve upon. Prices are based on 2 hours of instruction and are Whitehorse based.

Solo lessons

$125 per two hour session

Spend some time one on one with our certified instructors to help you work on specific areas in your riding technique.

8 hour lesson package

4 classes of 2 hour instruction.

1 rider – $450
2 riders – $550
3 riders – $700
4 riders – $850

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